eBook Excerpt: Mac Backup, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

I’ve finally gotten around to posting a page of the eBooks I wrote for Demand Media in the “Macs for Former Windows Users” series this past fall. It’s a page here on the blog documenting the seven eBooks I was thrilled to put together after a multi-year hiatus from technical writing.

I thought I’d commemorate that achievement (the one where I put the page up, not the one where I actually wrote thie books) buy offering an excerpt of one of my favorites of those books, Mac Backup, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Enjoy “Approaches to Backup” after the jump.

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Tablets More Popular Than Smartphones on Christmas Day – Business Insider

chart of the day, tablets more popular than smartphones as christmas presents, december 2012

Tablets More Popular Than Smartphones – Business Insider.

Not all that surprising, but still something that’s interesting to note for folks who develop websites (or have websites for your businesses or ventures) or apps or eBooks or news. There’s more and more mobile out there, and it’s one reason I want to focus on publishing for tablets in 2013… I think we’re starting to see some serious volume out there of tablet users.