People Keep Talking about iPhone 5’s Weight

For instance, here: Daring Fireball: The iPhone 5.

Which makes me start to think about the iPad. Can they use the same tech to make the iPad—even a 10-inch model—feel solid and sturdy and also remarkably light? I want to love my iPad (I currently have an original model) and really do like it, but it hasn’t fundamentally changed how I read books or consume anything other than video while I’m cooking, instructions for making beer and fantasy football stats while I’m watching the game. (It’s also a great sales tool, handy for meetings and demoing websites and I’ve found it handy for tapping out notes at trade conferences.)

The iPad is great, and maybe iPad Mini will be the answer to my book-reading woes—except I’m not sure I want both an iPad and and iPad Mini. But a super-light 10-inch iPad. Hmm.

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