My eBooks

Here’s a list of the eBooks that I’ve recently written:

Mac Backup, Maintenance And Troubleshooting For Windows Users (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)

This is an e-book I’ve wanted to write for a long time. It’s a crisp, concise look at effectively backing up your Mac — including a few different options — and then taking steps to maintain the Mac to keep it out of trouble. And if your Mac does start to slow down or exhibit any troubling behavior, I’ve offered some steps you can take before resorting to the Genius Bar.

Advanced Mac Tricks For Window Users (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)

This one goes deep into Mac preference settings, securing your Mac and it’s files, using multiple user accounts, managing network connections and sharing files in Mac OS X 10.7 and higher. We even touch on the holy grail for Windows users — running Windows (and Windows applications) on your Mac.

Mac Web Browsing Tips and Tricks for Windows Users (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)

Tips and tricks of using Safari—bookmarks, Reading List, sharing pages, Web Clips—as well as taking a look at other browsers available for the Mac platform. I’ve also included tips on browser security and privacy, managing cookies and autofill settings, resetting Safari and much more. The final chapter in this eBook covers extensions to Safari and other browsers.

Using Your Mac as a Media Hub for Former Windows Users: With information on iTunes, iCloud, watching TV on a Mac and more. (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)

In this eBook I went in-depth with multimedia files—audio files, video files and dealing with DVD movies—including how to translate common Windows formats to the corresponding Mac versions and optimizing for a variety of different playback. Chapter 2 covers iTunes for home entertainment, including home sharing and AirPlay for wirless playback. Chapter 3 focused on playing back video, including in the QuickTime Player, your browser and playing DVDs on your Mac’s screen. Chapter 4 is about connecting to your HDTV and media center, including a look at some third-party options designed to rival Windows Media Center.

Mac Photos, Videos and Music for Former Windows Users (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)

From iPhoto to iMovie to GarageBand, Apple’s iLife suite works wonders for organizing, editing and sharing media. In this one I’ve written step-by-step instructions for the applications, with a particular focus on migrating from Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker. I filled this one with screen shots and tried to offer some tips for better photo galleries, videos and (my personal favorite) live audio recordings and mixes in GarageBand.

Getting Business Done on the Mac for Windows Users (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)

You may have been using a Windows machine because it’s the right computer “for business,” but the truth is that Microsoft makes the Office suite for Macintosh as well, even including Outlook for Mac. The Mac has built-in clients for e-mail, contacts, calendar management and more, and Apple offers low cost options for word processing and spreadsheets. Finally, iCloud and other cloud services make getting business done on multiple computers — or in multiple time zones — easy.

Giving Mac Presentations for Former Windows Users (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series)

Love PowerPoint? You can use it on your Mac, with essentially the same feature set as Windows. (In fact, you can import your existing PowerPoint presentations to Keynote if desired.) But what’s really great is getting past PowerPoint and diving into perhaps the best Mac application ever made for road warriors — Keynote. I’ve had great success with my Keynote presentations in the past and I’ll offer up some fun tricks and tips here in the eBook.

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